The success of NanoSenSys™ hinges on its customizable modules - the first of which is our sensor - made from innovative polymer composites to be conformable, flexible, hard or soft, waterproof etc. Our revolutionary, patent-pending dry, non-contact sensor can be incorporated into a variety of user environments and can be engineered to be so comfortable that it goes un-noticed. The wide range of signals from our sensor is then handled by our proprietary interface - which has customizable filters and amplifiers designed for various target bio-signals. The high quality ultra-refined signals are then processed by our data transmission module which can handle many wireless protocols like Bluetooth®, WiFiTM, RF etc. Our storage module stores the data in an effective format that is one step away from conforming to any of the standard formats (EMR, PHR etc) required by our customers. Our data acquisition and storage modules collect the transmitted data and store it either for further processing or for relaying to a point of use. For example, as part of our Vital Signs Monitoring application, our Dock2Doc™ system relays data to the physician's office for diagnosis and interpretation. The end use customization possibilities are endless due to the flexible architecture of NanoSenSys™.
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