The mission of Cleveland Medical Polymers is to provide a user-transparent system for real life biotelemetry which greatly improves the quality of life and accuracy in all application areas that need vital signs and physiological monitoring. We accomplish this through the innovation, commercialization and manufacture of bio-signal sensors, and sensor platforms. Our sensor platform is a modular, customizable product that caters to a wide variety of user requirements for real time bio-monitoring enabling rapid clinical intervention. This is especially valuable for long-term, home-based observation of the elderly or disabled, in aiding the physicians or medical professionals with easy and accurate monitoring of vital bio signals for quick action as well as efficient use of their time. NanoSenSys™ also enables home-based testing and diagnosis of diseases such as sleep apnea, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s etc. Besides medical applications, our networked sensor system is an effective tool for day-to-day health monitoring and sports applications, where data can be analyzed and accessed in real time by physicians or trainers.
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